I am a devoted father, committed Christian, keen photographer, Ironman triathlete, avid learner and experienced digital expert. 


My background 

A graphic designer by qualification with over ten years of experience in running my agency, I co-founded a pre-Facebook social network, “Who-Remembers-Me.com” in 2003, achieving substantial international success in reconnecting people across the globe with over 46 million members.


As Bebo, myspace & who remembers me lost out to the enormous success of Facebook, we re-engineered ourselves as an early digital marketing agency, running campaigns for global brands. We became expert traffic buyers, promoting visitors to our many websites. With offices in London, mainland Europe and Sydney, WRM grew to be a global force in email marketing and latterly in lead generation and affiliate marketing. 



Going forwards 

In 2017 I experienced what I consider to be one of the rare defining moments in my life that called for a change. I stepped down from the role of CEO and allowed myself the time and head space to slow down, reflect and pursue something different.


I ultimately followed what I believe was the prompting of God to move to Lincoln and develop a new rhythm of life. 


I aimed to reconsider what was important to me and to build a career that I was passionate about. Something that allowed me to use my skills and strengths to benefit others, rather than to solely pursue profit. 


Committing a portion of my week to unpaid charity work, I now help lead a community action project within Acts Trust and have a paid part-time position helping lead operations for the Ground Level Network.


My passion for business continues. Using the digital world to market my enterprises, I also enjoy helping others to stay ahead of the curve. 


My time in business over the years taught me the importance of embracing change, and I now enjoy passing these learning onto others. 


By adapting to market changes at WRM we undertook a major business shift and improved the future revenue generating opportunities of our business. It was challenging and painful at times, but by not allowing ourselves to stand still, we became disruptive and ensured the longevity of a successful business. 


I learned to embrace technological change as an opportunity, rather than to consider it a threat, and this gave me a new passion for helping other businesses do the same. I love Innovation and taking time to expand my thinking outside of neat boxes to consider how it can shape the future of all business types and how to take them on a successful journey through it. 


The future is happening around us, and there is enjoyment to be had in rising to the challenge to thrive in it.